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Houghton Parkhouse bring lifting deck expertise to 4x4-drawn livestock transport

The Platinum T35 is a new 4x4-drawn livestock trailer from Houghton Parkhouse - a company with over 60 years of experience in the design and manufacture of commercial livestock transporters. It is arguably the most advanced and durable lifting deck 3.5 tonne livestock trailer in production and the only one capable of carrying two decks of sheep or pigs or one of full-sized cattle.

The Platinum T35 takes its DNA from its commercial haulage big brother, 'The Platinum', with patented features and designs never before seen in a livestock trailer within the 3500kgs category. The T35 is engineered for safe and efficient livestock haulage and designed specifically with the wellbeing of livestock and operators in mind. This ethos is shown in a number of features - all of which come built-in as standard. 

The T35 is built around an aluminium-plank monocoque that's manufactured using the same specialist extrusion dies as Houghton's commercial Platinum transporters, with all the strength and weight saving benefits this innovative design affords. 

Its electric-hydraulic fully lifting deck eliminates legal ramp angle issues and is rated to a massive two tonnes. Uniquely among transporters of this type, the T35 carries its own battery, which charges through the electrical hook-up to the towing vehicle. This setup enables stand-alone operation, so you can unhitch the T35 and use your towing vehicle elsewhere while others take care of loading or unloading.   

Both the lifting and lower decks are fully aluminium-planked, allowing adult cattle loads or two decks of sheep, pigs or hounds. In fact, you can carry any load that fits through the door (and under the GVW limit) including palette freight. You could even pop a quad-bike (or two) in the back and still have room for a full deck of sheep or pigs.  For safety and convenience, all deck locking pins locate automatically and the rear door features a slam-shut lock.

The T35 is watertight and tanked on both decks, so overhead fouling becomes a thing of the past, while the hygienic, clean-sweep interior makes for rapid wash-and-go turnarounds. There's a light for each deck, adjustable lower vents, and all controls and mechanisms can be externally accessed and operated. All lights are LED type for reduced maintenance.

Below decks, the T35 sports compensating suspension with torsion arms on cranked stub axles - another first in a livestock transporter/trailer combination. This setup affords a lower centre of gravity and allows the trailer to automatically redistribute weight between axles when travelling over uneven terrain. The result is greatly improved stability over similar-sized trailers and a much smoother ride quality for animals.  Another plus of the T35s lower overall height is a reduction in wind resistance compared to other 4x4 drawn livestock transporters.

Just as important, these suspension improvements over its rivals minimise stresses to the T35's chassis, coachwork and running gear for a product lifespan that's expected to run into decades - outperforming all of its market rivals.  It's also far kinder to the tow vehicle. Last but not least, a flush, easy-clean undercarriage means there's nowhere for silt and dirt to hide.

With its high performance values, durability, versatility, innovative design and features far beyond its competitors,The Platinum T35 opens up exciting new possibilities for farming.