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Houghton Parkhouse is the First UK Manufacturer of Livestock Transporters to have gained NSSTA for its Range of Platforms on Commercial Vehicles (Houghton Parkhouse already have approvals for O2, & O4, Trailers at NSSTA & EWVTA)


Houghton Parkhouse Ltd is the first UK livestock manufacturer of Commercial Livestock Transporters to have gained Whole Vehicle Type Approval at National Small Series Type Approval (N.S.S.T.A) level for its range of Platforms

 The approval covers the manufacture of Platforms and sub frames, for a vast array of different uses, from Hay and Straw to Plant and Livestock Transporters, we have created approvals which accommodate a vast array of options to fit your specific needs and requirements.

Benefits of N.S.S.T.A over IVA approval

  • Up to 4 weeks increased turnaround compared with manufacturers using an I.V.A process of registration
  • Peace of mind that your Platform is safe, legal and meets all the stringent tests and requirements lay down by VCA and enforced by VOSA when your Vehicle leaves the factory.

Who is affected by Type Approval?

Type Approval affects all New Commercial Vehicles of N2, N3, registered after October the 29th 2014,

Vehicles registered after this date will require a Certificate Of Conformity (C.O.C) by an accredited Body builder with Type Approval in place, or a vehicle that has gone through an Individual Vehicle Approval (I.V.A) process.

An IVA process requires an official VOSA testing station equipped to carry out an inspection on N2 and N3 vehicle, this test can only be applied for when the body work is complete and then a possible waiting period of up to 4 weeks until test, with no guarantee it will pass all the stringent tests, which inturn can cause more delays. 

An accredited company with Type Approval in place such as Houghton Parkhouse Ltd would cause no such delays.

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